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Being a parent myself and working with kids as a law enforcement officer since 1994, I am acutely aware of the problems associated with trying to play a majority of the music that the kids listen to nowadays in a structured school environment. To that end, I have spent a significant amount of time and expense to obtain edited versions of today’s music. I listen to the music when I receive it to check for lyrical content and divide it into categories such as ok for everyone, high school and older or adults only. I realize that every school has different tolerance levels and if I have a song request that is borderline in my opinion, I will ask a staff member if they feel it is appropriate for their school before I play the song.


I have played at all different types of holiday parties. The most common are Christmas, New Years Eve and Halloween parties. I have a large selection of holiday music from the classics and the new renditions by today’s artists. I have done numerous 4th of July outdoor events where I would coordinate my program to play patriotic music during the entire length of the fireworks display.


I have performed at many different types of corporate events from large annual conferences and galas to smaller installation and shareholder events. No matter what the size of your event, I will tailor my program to suit your needs. I have a professional grade wireless microphone to allow speakers the freedom to move about the room without fear of noise interference or static. I also work with the location personnel, the audio/visual professionals and other entertainment professionals (comedian/magician) to assure that your program transitions smoothly from one aspect to another.

Some of the other events I frequently play at are:

Sweet Sixteen Parties
Class Reunions
Family Reunions
Block Parties
Military Balls
Barn Dances


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