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I perform at all types of events but take great pride in providing that extra level of personal service that goes into all of my weddings. I always ask to meet with the bride and groom in person at or around the time the contract is signed. This is to get a direction of how you want the event to go and to offer my experience with planning ideas. I will discuss music choices with you to learn what type of music you want to hear and more importantly any songs that you do not want played. In the unlikely event there is a special song that you want played that I do not have, I will do my best to obtain that song before the wedding.

I also speak to the reception hall personnel prior to the event to coordinate set up times and locations. I do a final check with you just prior to the special day to check for any changes or additions to the schedule. I am very flexible and in most weddings I make two or more actual trips and numerous phone calls to coordinate my part of the event with your other professionals, to assure that your wedding will run smoothly. It is your day and I want to provide you with a level of confidence that allows you to focus on the importance of the day.

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